TedMy Training includes a Free Evaluation, written individualized diet, vitamins, minerals, recipes, cooking lessons, Volume Weight Lifting Schedule, ongoing advice, email and cell phone conferences. Face to face Video Conferencing via Skype. Go to my Services Section and choose a schedule that suits your needs and budget.

No heavy weights, only light and medium weight lifting. This type of training can be very successful at any age. Many current Champions secretly use Volume Training. I started lifting at age 33 to cure my poor health, ulcer, 18 injuries from racing motorcycles and gain some size. (I later added 3 more injuries from a head on car crash) My body weight was only 140 lbs. at 5'-11", very thin! Plus, I looked like I was 50 years old! Before starting on my gym training I had studied vitamins, minerals and nutrition for 2 years to understand why I had not gained muscle from my past efforts. With this knowledge my body started to respond in a spectacular way.

Over the years I attended countless seminars with Champion Bodybuilders, Powerlifters and Fitness celebrities that I could find within 50 miles of my home in Orange, California. From these greats I learned the value of Volume Training. It is this knowledge I wish to share with my Trainees.

Contact me at; tedpostbb@yahoo.com